About Sorachiya brand

We develop simple, professional tastes at home, develop, manufacture, distribute and sell directly in Hokkaido.
Delicious Sorachisha stocked with the bounty of Hokkaido to the world’s dining table.
Sorachisha’s soup stock using Sorachisha’s dashi, Sorachisha’s Nekonbushi, Sorachisha’s elephant, Sorachisha’s miso soup.
Sorachisha has created a new soy sauce series made with Soy Sauce in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.
Black-labeled sea urchin soy sauce using kneaded sea urchin, white-labeled sea urchin soy sauce using steamed sea urchin, and squid sashimi sea urchin soy sauce using domestic seaweed are popular items.
Sorachiya is a brand of TTC Group / Loco Farm Village Co., Ltd.

Products of Sorachisha