Traditional taste using Hokkaido round soybean soy sauce to the table

1.Discerning “Kantan feeling”
We used plenty of sea urchin to bring out the richness, umami and aroma to the maximum.
2.Discerning soy sauce
The soy sauce used as the base of the sea urchin soy sauce is also made in Hokkaido.

3.Deliver sea urchin to the table more easily.
We made it easier to enjoy sea urchin, which is considered a luxury product among seafood.
4.Joint development with the soy sauce feeling that knows soy sauce.
A delicious sea urchin soy sauce was created through joint development with a soy sauce store that knew more than 90 years of soy sauce in Hokkaido.
5.The usual dishes are even more delicious!
This sea urchin soy sauce can be used as a hidden taste of pasta as well as sashimi, natto, and chilled seaweed.
6.The secret story of developing sea urchin soy sauce
“Moontan soy sauce steamed sea urchin tailoring” is a gem that uses the rare “steamed sea urchin” that takes a lot of processing time. You can taste the scent of strawberry and rich sweetness more strongly. Originally, Untan Soy Sauce used “steamed sea urchin” made with Hokkaido soy soy sauce, but it was so popular that it could not be mass-produced. We will deliver phantom soy sauce again.