Ultimate tamagokakegohan

By adding sea urchin soy sauce to the usual egg over rice, it will become the ultimate egg over rice.

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Unishoyu grilled onigiri

The flavor of freshly baked fragrant sea urchin and the crisp texture are irresistible.

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Avocado Namul

The smooth taste of avocado goes well with the aroma of sea urchin soy sauce and sesame.

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Soy milk cream udon

The richness of sea urchin soy sauce is the best match with creamy soy milk.

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Potato butter sea urchin soy sauce

Butter and sea urchin soy sauce go well together. Rice instead of potatoes.

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Pickled bowl of sea urchin soy sauce

If you like, add wasabi, nori, white sesame and so on.

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Grilled pork with unishoyu

Surprisingly delicious combination, delicious taste of pork and savory sea urchin fragrance will inspire your appetite.

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meat miso dip

The richness and taste of sea urchin soy sauce will enrich the meat miso.

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Chilled chinese noodles

A refreshingly chilled Chinese flavor with rich sea urchin soy sauce is a good accent.

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Natto somen

In addition to somen noodles, soba and udon are also acceptable.

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