In-house EC subscription site of Unishoyu, which won the first seasoning season in 2019, has opened.

An in-house EC subscription site for Hokkaido Loco Farm Village with Unishoyu has opened.

Unzen soy sauce EC site co-developed with Sorachisha brand of Hokkaido Loco Farm Village and Hokkaido soy sauce store was born!

“Kakeuntan soy sauce” uses Hokkaido soybean soy sauce that is best suited for sea urchins, using abundantly used sea urchin, a specialty product of Hokkaido, and jointly developed with a soy sauce brewery in Asahikawa who knows soy sauce.

By using it as a seasoning, the usual dishes become even more delicious. There are many ways to use it. As soy sauce for egg over rice! For the secret taste of spaghetti sauce! For dressing of seafood salad! To the sauce of sea urchins!

There are 3 types of sea urchin soy sauce, so please enjoy it. “Steamed sea urchin tailoring” rich white sweet label. “Kuri sea urchin tailoring” black label with rich umami taste. (Seasoning Championship 2019 overall first place product) “Japanese domestic squid tailoring” There are three types of rich texture and mellow sweet blue label.