Special attention to unishoyu

1.You can enjoy sea urchin easily.

We made it so that you can enjoy the sea urchin, which is considered the finest among seafood, more easily and use it at the table.

2.The taste of sea urchin was drawn to the maximum.

A delicious sea urchin soy sauce that uses plenty of sea urchin and brings out its richness, richness and aroma.

3.Discerning sea urchin soy sauce

We are particular about the soy sauce used as a base, and we use Hokkaido soy soy sauce that brings out the full flavor of sea urchin.

4.Joint development with a soy sauce store that knew soy sauce.

A delicious sea urchin soy sauce was created through joint development with the Asahikawa soy sauce store, which has been in Japan for more than 75 years.

5. The usual dishes are even more delicious.

This sea urchin soy sauce is a great match for squid sashimi, cold and pasta. Above all, “Tamago kake rice” is recommended. Please try it.

6.The secret story of developing sea urchin soy sauce

“Kantan Soy Sauce Noodle Uni” and “Kantan Soy Sauce Steamed Uni Tai” are luxury items that use the rare “uni”, which is very time-consuming to process. You can taste the scent of strawberry and rich sweetness more strongly. Originally, Yuntan soy sauce used the black label “Neriuni” and the white label “Steamed sea urchin” using Maru soy sauce from Hokkaido. We will resume delivery of urchin soy sauce using the phantom Hokkaido whole soybean soy sauce, which has been suspended in just six months.
  Be sure to try the blue-labeled “Domestic squid tailoring” with a crisp texture and rich sweet squid sashimi sardine soy sauce.