10th Anniversary Seasoning Championship

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No.1 seasoning decided! Won first place overall.

2019 Seasoning Championship

Seasoning championship overall first place

The crown of sea urchin’s rich umami
Loco Farm Village Co., Ltd.『Unishoyu』

“Seasoning Championship” sponsored by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association
“Seasoning Championships 2019” was held on November 3 (Sunday / Holiday).
This time, the 10th time, 140 seasonings from all over the country were entered,
Twenty-seven items selected at the primary expert taste review committee by seasoning sommeliers and other food specialists attended the final review on November 3 (Sunday / Holiday).

About “Seasoning Championship”
Evaluate the novelty, impact, and usage of new seasonings, and contribute to discovering new possibilities. This event aims to discover local seasonings that are known to people all over the country and seasonings made by maker Ichioshi, and to make society widely known.