The scent of sea urchins stands out

What is necessary for the real thing is to bring out the individuality of good materials and to dare to challenge creative methods.
There is no reason to be praised for its exquisiteness, and the taste is more honest than anything else.
Because it is delicious, people continue to seek it.


UNISHOYU(Use kneaded sea urchin)

¥1,296(tax included)(By postage)
Unzen soy sauce made from kunidan with a rich taste and richness!

Unzen soy sauce made from kunidan with a rich taste and richness!

A professional jury consisting of vegetable sommeliers and food journalists chooses 27 types of 140 seasonings from all over the country, and is selected by tasting and voting by general visitors who came to the venue. The seasonings obtained are the seasonings supported by both professionals and consumers.

The rich taste, richness and rich scent of sea urchin soy shook many visitors, supporting the convenience of being used in various dishes.

We used kununi, which has been improved in texture by lining it, and combined with Hokkaido soy sauce made in Hokkaido, which is a good match for kunimo. A sea urchin soy sauce with rich umami and richness. Excellent compatibility as soy sauce for egg over rice and sea urchin sauce. Please use other dishes as you like.

UNISHOYU(Steamed sea urchin use)

¥1,620(tax included)(By postage)
Steamed sea urchin soy sauce with outstanding sweetness!

Steamed sea urchin steamed sea urchin is used to bring out the sweetness, and is combined with Asahikawa's round soybean soy sauce that goes well with steamed sea urchin. It is a sea urchin soy sauce that stands out for its rich sweetness. Can be used as a hidden pasta such as spaghetti, sashimi or cold soy sauce. You can use it for other dishes as you like.

【Cannot be bundled with room temperature products because it is a frozen product】

¥1,296(tax included)(By postage)
Steamed sea urchin soy sauce that has a distinctive texture and texture produced in Japan!

I mixed sea urchin soy sauce and domestically produced squid, and finally put a little extra large sea urchin. You can enjoy the rich scent of sea urchin and the texture of lumps. It's great as a side dish for rice or as a snack for sake.

customer's voice

Gift for wife

This is my first purchase after hearing from an acquaintance.
My wife who loves sea urchins is delighted.

As a souvenir

I learned from Hokkaido souvenirs.
We ordered 20 bottles of delicious taste and distributed them to people we met for greetings at the end of the year.
It was also very popular with acquaintances.
Even over egg, white fish sashimi or, of course, white rice!
Repeat orders without getting bored.

30s Female buyer

Sea urchin itself

Just put it on white rice and it will look like sea urchin.
You can eat as many as you like.
It's the best souvenir.

40s Female Buyer

I was surprised to be a present !!!

It's a delicious gift that goes well with the tarakospaghetti! I was surprised that it was super delicious.
I purchased it immediately and used it now (laughs)

50s Male Buyer

Satisfied taste for Hokkaido people

I sampled it at the store and bought it immediately.
It is very popular with both family and friends.
I think that I was able to meet a good product very much as a present.

I repeat

Distributing to family and relatives, everyone is delighted to be delicious and delicious.
What is such a large amount of sea urchins in?
I didn't want to cut it, I bought it again.